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Work Life Harmony For "Sandwich Generation Caregivers"

09.07.21 09:32 PM Comment(s) By wegetrest

We’ve been conditioned to pursue work-life balance, but if it’s just another item on the to-do list, that quest can actually add stress and increase the likelihood of burnout. Strengthening your ability to cope with stress in both domains is a more important pursuit.

That leads to work-life harmony).One way to do that is to plan shorter bursts of self-care throughout the (day and) week. Keep a list of things that rejuvenate you and when you’re on edge, pick one to do. When things get stressful, try to  focus on the positives.

What are you learning and how is the situation helping you grow? Most importantly, when things don’t go as planned, be gracious to yourself, and remember sloppy progress is still progress. Even if your kid interrupted you every five minutes, you still made it through the day.

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