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5 Ways for Caregivers to Relax and Reduce Stress

13.07.21 02:30 PM Comment(s) By wegetrest

  • Forgive yourself- You can't do everything in one day ! ( Doing too much can actually be bad for your psychical and mental health).
  • Submerge yourself in something you love. ( Write out ten things you would "love to do if only you had the time) Engage in one of them this week.
  • Practice Mindfulness. (Set aside your regrets, plans and worries and experience the moment now)
  • Create Mental Peace. ( Write out a list of your fears that are weighing heavily on your mind.  Replace each one of those fears with positive affirmations)
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables. (Instead of crabbing those chips, cookies, pies and cakes when those feelings of stress are creeping in...indulge in eating raw vegetables and fruit to discover new energy)
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