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About Me

Hey there! I'm glad your own courage, curiosity and intuition led you to this space. I'm Angela, a wife, mother and daughter who also happens to be a therapist, (LPC-IT), Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher Training Student. 

I am super passionate in all things that I do and love supporting and encouraging women along their self-discovery and healing journeys as they navigate through concerns of anxiety: aka "fear/worry", self-esteem/body image challenges, grief, eating disorders/emotional eating and caregiver related stress. I'm not a blank slate type of therapist or coach, I bring my laid-back personality into the room and will often have my shoes off during sessions and invite my healing guests to do the same.

Through siting intimately and patiently through my own pain and learning to understand it well, I am here to support you in accessing your inner wisdom and truths eager to be released. I utilize holistic and integrative approaches; my approaches are body-centered encouraging you to tap into your internal resources. We will always work at your pace utilizing person centered and solution focused approaches as you transform. 

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