The Resting Spot Wellness Institute
Therapy, Coaching & Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Therapy Services

Initial/first session: 75 minutes: $135

Individual Therapy Session: 60 minutes: $120

Workshops: 90 minutes: $60 /per group session (sessions typically involves 5 healing partners to maintain intimacy) targeting a specific concern such as:  

Emotional Eating Recovery, Self-care for Sandwich Generation Caregivers, Grief Support Group

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Coaching Services

Family Caregiver Integrative Coaching Services: 

Caregiver coaching provides caregivers with additional tools to assist them in managing their stress as a caregiver. Caregivers will be provided with assistance in the following areas: problem solving, development of coping strategies, a reduction in stress, exploration of resources.

 90 minutes: $200 (a blend of coaching and one of the following practices: meditation, restorative yoga, Reiki energy healing)

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Reiki Energy Healing/Restorative Yoga

Reiki Session: Reiki healing sessions are offered in a peaceful setting at my office, by traveling to healing guest as well as by distance. 

60-minute: $70 (in office) please reach out for traveling request and associated investment for service
(Session begins with us discussing your concerns/needs and expectations from service followed by a grounding mediation flowing into Reiki.
30-40 minutes of Reiki healing followed by a 10-minute discussion to reflect on your experience.)

Introductory Restorative Yoga Package: Four 45-minute sessions: $120 
(Sessions consists of grounding techniques, guided meditation, deep breathing and relaxation)

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We DO NOT accept insurance at this time. We do however offer a reduced rate for members apart of Open Path Collective for individual therapy sessions. (Cash, all major credit cards, and FSA/HSA accepted (for therapy services only)